Yuri Kuntsevich and Keith McCloskey
Yuri Kuntsevich and Keith McCloskey

I first met Yury Konstantinovich in 2012 in Yekaterinburg when I was researching for my first book on the Dyatlov Incident. I found him to be a decent, thoughtful and generous man. On my first visit he also went to the trouble of arranging for Yury Yudin to come over and meet me. The earliest Yury Yudin could get over was on the Saturday, which was the day my visa expired. Although it might have been possible to extend the visa, I said it would be better to meet him on my next visit. Sadly Yury Yudin passed away before that happened. Similarly, my last contact with Yury Konstantinovich was just a few weeks before his last trip to the Dyatlov Pass. We had been exchanging messages about the state of my knee which I had damaged on my previous trip to the Pass. I told him I doubted that I could make the journey up to the Pass as my knee wouldn’t take the weight of the backpacks we all carried. He very kindly offered to spread my backpack amongst the others, but even with that kind offer, I didn’t feel my knee would take the strain of the hike. So I suggested we leave it till the next time and give it more time to heal. It was ironic that Yury developed a knee problem and had to turn back on the trip. He died of Coronavirus in hospital in Yekaterinburg on 11 August 2021.

I mention the putting off of the meeting with Yury Yudin because we all tend to think that we have plenty of time to do everything and the sad truth is, we don’t. Time is one of the most precious commodities we have. I had hoped to make at least one more trip up to the Dyatlov Pass with Yury Konstantinovich, but sadly it was not to be.

To me, Yury Konstantinovich did not just run the Dyatlov Foundation, he was the keeper of the Dyatlov light and his passing has left a huge gap for all of us who follow this mystery.

RIP Yuri Kuntsevich Notice

I have recently updated my second book Journey to Dyatlov Pass and included additional photos and material on the Rocket theory and background on the Mansi. There is an additional chapter with an intuitive communicator as to what may have happened to the group.


The Hunters

Mountain of the Dead The Dyatlov Pass Incident Book

Keith McCloskey

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The Hunters

Keith McCloskey





1 - Artem - who drove solidly for almost 17 hours to get me back to Ekaterinburg from the Dyatlov Pass - A true diamond and a Gentleman.

2 - Zack - who was with Artem and came back to Ekaterinburg from the Dyatlov Pass.

После того как я порвал связки в колене, у меня возникли большие проблемы, поскольку мне нужно было пройти около 30 миль по тайге чтобы добраться до Ивдель. Я даже не мог рассчитывать на какую-либо помощь. Не знал как быть, что делать? Было предложено, подождать попутный транспорт, чтобы кто-то смог меня подвезти к Учма или Ивдель (30 и 80 миль соответственно). С приближением сумерек и после нескольких часов ожидания, возле мемориального камня Холатчахль, подъехала группа машин. Буду вечно благодарен этим людям, двое из которых прервали свою поездку чтобы отвезти меня в Екатеринбург. Нужно было проехать более 400 миль, 70 из которых - через горы. Потребовалось почти 17 часов беспрерывного пути. Не могу выразить все слова благодарности Артему и Заку, которые невзирая на свои планы, подвезли, накормили меня и даже отказались от какого-либо вознаграждения. Также хочу выразить благодарность остальной части группы, особенно Наташе и Данил, которые тоже очень мне помогли.

Ещё раз,большое спасибо Артему, Заке, Наташе, Данил и всей группе. Живи и процветай Россия!

After I tore the ligaments in my knee, I had a big problem as I could not trek back the 30 or so miles through the Taiga to get the transport back to Ivdel and neither could I really expect anyone to carry me. So what to do? It was suggested that I wait for someone passing to maybe give me a lift to Ushma or Ivdel (30 and 80 miles away respectively). After waiting for many hours by the memorial stone on Kholat Syakhl and with nightfall approaching, a group of vehicles arrived. I will forever be grateful to them for coming to my rescue. Two of the group detached themselves and cut their trip short to drive me all the way back to Ekaterinburg. Well over 400 miles away and through the mountains for the first 70 miles. It took nearly 17 hours of almost non-stop driving. To Artem and Zack who cut short their trip, drove me back, fed me and refused to accept any payment - I cannot thank them enough to have done all that for a stranger. I also want to thank the rest of the group especially Natasha and Danil who also showed me great kindness.

To Artem, Zack, Nathasha, Danil and everyone in the group - I say a big thank you and Long Live Russia!!!!





3 - Danil and his Father

4 - The Rest of the Group





5 - The Group by the Memorial Stone at the Dyatlov Pass.

6 - The Group at the Abandoned Military Installation on Mount Chistop about 40 miles from the Dyatlov Pass.



7 - Me and Danil - Just after I was rescued from the Dyatlov Pass. I ate nearly all his sweets because I was so hungry. I still feel bad about that.